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Whether you are hosting a sit down dinner, large scale conference, or team building event, Play More has games to get people talking and connecting.  By crafting goals geared toward collaboration, communication, and interaction, we provide an experience that brings people together.

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Play More Games is for groups of people who want to interact and connect with each other in the physical world. This 90 minute experience gets people off their screens and into their bodies.  Play More Games brings together a collection of activities that get people using their bodies in safe, accessible, and playful ways, instigating interpersonal connection as well as personal evolution.  Unlike other team building games, Play More Games’ activities are simple, accessible and so much fun.
Awesome Objects
Play More brings the perfect toys for every activity. Things for catching, kicking, balancing, and more. Balls, rope, sticks, stuffed animals, clown noses, and clothes pins are just a few things you can find in our tool kit.
Experienced Instructors
Our team collectively brings more than 20 years of experience leading games and activities to groups of every kind. Big groups, small groups, inside, outside, we know how to lead your group toward the best time possible.
Accessible Activities
All of our games are designed to be played by everyone! Accessibility is very important to us, and we are committed to providing an engaged and fun experience for every individual. Regardless of your age, experience, or ability, you can play with us.



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